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About Us

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Our Purpose

Sterling Mennonite Fellowship exists to be a Christ-centered body in our community of St. Vital, Winnipeg. We seek to study and obey the Word of God while being and making Disciples of Christ. We express our faithfulness to God by:

  • worshiping together

  • supporting each other in fellowship

  • engaging in outreach and service to those in need spiritually and physically

We are a family that loves to welcome new people into our fellowship. Come join us! We would love to get to know you.



Our Beliefs

We recognize that we are diverse individuals with unique perspectives, united by our faith in Jesus Christ. We are a part of the Anabaptist-Mennonite tradition that worships God as our Father and Creator, is centred around the saving life of Jesus, and looks to the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives. We believe that we are all in need of forgiveness and that no one is too far away from God's love. 

As a community of faith, we practice believer's baptism, celebrating the Lord's supper, and pursuing lives of love and peace. We strive to take seriously the teachings of Jesus who taught us to live in a counter-cultural way. We are committed to community by supporting each other and being vulnerable with one another. All have a place in the church as all have been given gifts by the Holy Spirit.

To read our full Sterling Confession of Faith, click here.
To read the Confession of Faith from a Mennonite Perspective, click here.



Our Staff



Moses Falco

Moses joined the Sterling family in 2011 after marrying Jessica whom he met in Germany at Bodenseehof Bible School. He moved to Winnipeg from Toronto where he left behind his parents and four brothers. In 2016, Moses graduated from Canadian Mennonite University after studying Communications, Media and Theology. After being called into ministry by the leadership of Sterling, he began pastoring in September of 2015. When he is not in the office, in meetings or visiting people, he loves spending time with his family, sports, music, photography, and reading.

Moses blogs and shares regularly at


Administrative Assistant

Corinne Friesen Loewen

Corinne joined the Sterling team in January of 2009. She has had a long career in administration, working in mostly non-profit organizations including hospitals, arts groups, and the Mennonite Central Committee. She graduated (in the far distant past!) from Steinbach Bible College, Red River College (Health Records Technician) and the University of Winnipeg (BA). She is detail-oriented and takes pride in a job well done.  She feels called to contribute to Sterling’s congregational life by doing her job to the best of her ability, and by being open and welcoming to those who enter the doors of the church.

When not busy with work and church committee meetings, she is delighted to spend time with her husband Rick and teenage children, Ben and Jessica.  Gardening, baking, music, reading, and photography are passions she pursues when she has the time!


Our Story

In the 1940's, Winnipeg saw an influx of Mennonites who came into the city to serve under Selective Service (as an alternative to taking up arms). After the war, some of these families and couples stayed and worked in the city, living in the St. Vital Area. They gathered in homes for Bible study, worship and Sunday School.  In the early 1950's, this group rented a community centre to meet in and, by the mid 1950's built their first church building on Sterling Ave. This was an exciting time of growth and activity, including Sunday School, Family Bible Studies, and DVBS summer camps. On November 23, 1958, Sterling Avenue Mennonite Church was officially organized with 18 members and 14 associate members (later renamed Sterling Mennonite Fellowship).

Sterling built its second church building in 1969 on Marvan Place (where the McDonald's is now beside St. Vital Mall), and its third building on Dakota Street in 1981, where we still meet today. Sterling has experienced many seasons of life during these years. Membership has fluctuated, but always, due to the commitment of Sterling members, the decision was made to carry on.  Community activities have always been important to this church, including VBS summer camps, youth groups, church picnics, and outreach ministries. Sterling has always tried to live out what it means to be faithful followers of Jesus in our time, in our community.

Former pastors of Sterling in recent history include: Terry Goertzen (2008-14), John Wiebe (2001-07), Norm Voth (1988-2000), Erwin Wiebe (1984-86), Garry Martens (1979-84), and Gary Loewen (1977-79). During the 1990's, several associate pastors served, including Carl Schartner, Doug Klassen, and Terry Dueck.


Our Connections

Sterling Mennonite Fellowship is part of the family of Mennonite Church Manitoba and Mennonite Church Canada. We are connected to the world-wide Mennonite church through Mennonite World Conference. Through these organizations, we are engaged in Christian formation, resource development, camping ministry, Indigenous relations, and International Witness. We love being a part of such a diverse and beautiful family!

Connected Organizations: