Sterling Mennonite Fellowship




Sterling's leadership and coordination functions by the many volunteers who serve on committees. Committees are great ways to get involved at Sterling by sharing your gifts in these unique ways. If you have questions or ideas for any of these committees feel free to contact them or contact us.


Church Council

Sterling's church council is responsible for the operation and function of the church. They meet together monthly to discern the direction of Sterling and to make check in with all the various ministries. Meetings are open to all Sterling members. See the Events Calendar for the next meeting date.

Members of Church Council:
Chair: Elfrieda Teichroeb
Treasurer: Zach Lee
Head Deacon: Daryl Dyck
Chair of Missions and Service: Cornie Thiessen
Family Ministries Coordinator: Jeff Hiebert
Head Trustee: Chrystal Hiebert
Members at large: Eva Loewen, Sharon Hoeppner, Aaron Denysuik
Pastor: Moses Falco

Pastoral Care Team

The Pastoral Care Team (PCT) is responsible for the overall care (spiritual, physical, emotional) of Sterling members and attendees. Through pastoral visits, crisis care, spiritual discernment, prayer, special worship services, help in big life events, and care groups, the PCT seeks to encourage community life at Sterling. 

Members of the Pastoral Care Team:
Head Deacon: Daryl Dyck
Deacons: Janet Bartel, Brian & Elfrieda Bergen, Norm & Lorraine Voth, and Ed Hoeppner
Care Group Coordinator: -
Pastor: Moses Falco

Family Ministries Team

The Family Ministry Team seeks to grow young people in faith so that they can have safe places to have fun and learn more about God. Through Sunday School, VBS Camps, youth groups, College and Career Groups and the mentorship program, The Family Ministry Team provides opportunities for young people to get involved and grow in their faith.

Members of the Family Ministries Team:
Coordinator: Jeff Hiebert
Sunday School Coordinator: Emily Hiebert
VBS Camp Coordinators: Courtney Heinrichs & Mikaela Hoeppner
Cross Lake VBS Camp Coordinators: Ralph Bartel & Nicole Nobess
Youth Program Coordinators: Byron Zehr, Mac Reimer, Mekiah Yonda, Andrew Stoesz, Naomi Entz, Anna Epp and Ben Loewen
Young Adults Coordinator: Moses Falco
Mentorship Program Coordinator: Ryan Klassen

worship Committee

Sterling's Worship Committee finds new and creative ways of planning our Sunday morning worship services. They meet to discuss ideas, choose sermon topics, plan special services and themes for the different church seasons, and to continually ask questions of what it means to gather together for worship.

Members of the Worship Committee:
Chair: Ed Hoeppner
Music Coordinator: -
Children's Feature Coordinator: Jessica Falco
Music Team Leaders: Byron Zehr, Corinne Friesen Loewen, and Moses Falco
Worship Leaders: Ed Hoeppner, Corinne Friesen Loewen, Norm Voth, Kari Martens, Doris Sawatzky-Dickson, and Betty Hosein
Member at Large: Myrtle Derksen
Pastor: Moses Falco

Missions and Service COmmittee

Sterling is involved in many missions programs and service initiatives. The Missions and Service Committee encourages Sterling by providing various opportunities to support missions in our own church or around the world. They meet regularly to grow the relationships we have with various organizations and workers, as well as to find new and creative ways to encourage Sterling to be involved in mission work. The Food and Social committee plans and looks after the various events and gatherings at Sterling.

Members of Church Council:
Chair: Cornie Thiessen
MCC and MDS Rep: Corinne Friesen Loewen
Food & Social Committee Rep: Linda Parkes
Pastor: Moses Falco


The trustees take care of Sterling's physical space so that we can have a safe and beautiful space to meet and worship. They make sure things run smoothly and are in charge of changes and renovations.

Head Trustee: Chrystal Hiebert
Trustees: Stephen Dyck and Tim Rempel

Pastoral Congregation Relations Committee

The Pastoral Congregation Relations Committee (PCRC) cares for the relationship between the pastor and the congregation. They meet regularly with the pastor and members of Sterling to hear how things are going and how we can grow together. They are also responsible for the pastoral review.

Members of the Pastoral Congregation Relations Committee:
Chair: Betty Hosein
Members: Jordan Wiebe and Eleanore Bergen